Empty Room

Ryan started this poem and we finished it together. We haven’t changed much in her room. It was once so full of life; and now is a place to mourn when the waves of grief overwhelm. And to be close to what we have left to remember her.

We have an empty room
Once occupied and used
The bed is made and clothes are hung
Shoes in a row unchanged
Medals hanging proudly
Patches sewn on sash
Completed projects displayed
Jewelry organized
Makeup at the ready
Dolls smiling prettily
Soccer gear in bag
Precious days marked off on a calendar,
abruptly come to an end….

Where stories were once read
Where friends laughed and played
Where dreams were born and plans were laid
Where anger was expressed
And doors slammed in rage
Where punishment was served
Where fears were comforted
Where tears were wiped away
Where tender words were said
And hugs were treasured
Where many prayers were offered
In hopes of being answered
Where sharpened pencils rest
Where dust gathers quickly
And many tears are shed

We have an empty room
Where I visit often
To rest my grieving heart
Where sun streams through closed blinds



2 thoughts on “Empty Room

  1. I am honored to read your blog about Fiona, as it helps me work through the unplanned journey that I as well was handed. Your words provide strength to me. I carry all your notes in my purse as a daily reminder of what is important in this life and glean on your scriptures for strength on hours where I am weak and sometimes to just remind myself that I am still present in this world for a reason that only God knows. I am blessed beyond to have your family blend with mine.


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