Little Fiona Rose

Fiona was born the day after Christmas, 2006. She was due Christmas Eve, but politely waited until after the holiday to arrive. I remember the time around her birth was very joyful and peaceful. We were so thankful for her, as I’d had several miscarriages and we didn’t know if a second child was in God’s plan for our family. Maisie had just turned 5 and was a bright, precocious child and only grandchild. She gladly welcomed Fiona to our family with love and expectation of a future playmate. Right after Fiona was born, she needed oxygen to help her breathe. She was in the NICU for a short time, but otherwise she was healthy and perfect. We were thankful that our friend Gwen was her NICU nurse and took such good care of Fiona that day.

Now that Fiona is gone, I have often wondered what if she had died that day? What if she had not been able to breathe properly, and we had gone home empty handed, with grieving hearts? Instead, God gave us such a precious gift that Christmas, a beautiful daughter we had nine years with, to love, care for, and know deeply. For that I am thankful.

Fiona was a peaceful, easy baby as a newborn. She had light, fuzzy, soft blond hair that would stick straight up all over her head after a bath. Her eyes were bright blue which eventually turned to a bluish gray green that reminded me of the sea on a misty day. She had two slightly webbed toes, and she was the only one in our family who was left handed. Her hands were perfect and she had beautiful nails. She was a very happy, smiley baby.




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