Toddler years

Fiona was a shy, sensitive toddler, and did not like to be apart from mom or dad. I remember when visiting friends, she would want me to come with me instead of running off to play with other kids. She was quiet and observant, and also silly and sweet. She loved books, dressing up, swimming, and pretend play.  Fiona was a bit of a diva; she liked being catered to and liked to be pampered. She could be fussy and irritable, but for the most part she was a joyful child who knew beyond a doubt that she was adored by her family. She had a bean baby she slept with for many years, until around age 7 or 8. She had a pink stuffed kitty and a Tickle Me Elmo that she treated with tender care, wrapping them in blankets and pushing in her stroller. Fiona would have been such a loving mother, she had a nurturing, tender side. She spent a lot of time cuddling with our cat, Molly. She enjoyed helping in the kitchen, preparing food and especially baking. Fiona and her cousin Wyatt spent much of their early years together, including their second year of preschool. Fiona was a daddy’s girl. She knew she was the apple of his eye. They had a very special relationship and shared similar personality traits and physical characteristics, more so than our other daughters.



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